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We are a UK based Global Online Marketplace & Shopping Centre. Our visitors come from all around the Globe! Where are you visiting us from today? We say; Welcome! Bienvenue! Goedendag en welkom! Fai Go! Irasschai! Huan Ying!  Bienvenido! Vitejte! Velkommen! Akwaaba! khush amdeed! Добро пожаловать!  

Would you like another avenue to shop or sell in London, the rest of the UK, in Europe or other continents? Well you are at the right place! Check out our Worldwide Marketplace via the menu(see top left of this page).

We are a trustworthy and reliable online business that; 

1)delivers locally and worldwide all sorts of Goods, Foods and Services from different London UK or worldwide sources. We provide goods for private individual buyers, and we sell large Bulk wholesale goods to businesses worldwide. Such as Vintage records or Used clothing and more.

2)has some products for sale in your local area where you can pick it up.

3)has Products that come from individuals, small to large businesses, famous shops, start up businesses, local Farmers and Manufacturers. So you can sell or showcase your products directly to the thousands of visitors a day on our website too! To sell in our Marketplace too; email us at worknat@hotmail.com to let us know. Or see our homepage and follow the instructions. 

4) provides trades people! Looking for tradesmen or other business services for your home or for one reason or another? See on the menu under "WorkNat Marketplace Business Services' how we can help you.

5) helps businesses grow! Next to offering businesses the possibility of advertising here on our website. Our sales & marketing team also support businesses with services such as telemarketing, telesales, social media marketing and finding good staff. Please send us an email at worknat@hotmail.com and we will contact you to discuss your needs.  

6) Lastly, we are a business where you can safely pay at check out with a credit card, PayPal or even by normal bank transfer, but we also accept other payment methods such as 'Western Union' payments. If you wish to pay by other means other than credit card, PayPal or normal bank transfer; then do not add your chosen product to cart but please tell us what you wish to order via email to: worknat@hotmail.com

We will contact you afterwards to arrange order and payment.

So Happy Shopping or Selling! And do come again.

For contact or questions email us: worknat@hotmail.com


Just sit back, relax, and order. Such is the joy of online shopping.....