Hair Complex 60 tabs (for Healthy hair) FREE DELIVERY

Hair Complex 60 tabs (for Healthy hair) FREE DELIVERY

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For extra support

  • Whilst you get your diet into gear, try A.Vogel’s Hair Complex, which contains: -

 - Millet seed extract - a good source of silicon. It also contains protein, important for providing the keratin of which hair is mostly made, small mounts of iodine and B vitamins

 - Nettles - which contain silicon, calcium and iron

 - Brewer’s Yeast - a great food source of B vitamins, which are needed to metabolise protein and build red blood cells

 - Zinc - important for the metabolism of proteins.

  • If your hair frustrates you by growing very slowly, try Urticalcin which can help maintain healthy hair and nails. You can buy urticalcin on this website.
  • If you want to try revitalising your hair with a DIY hair mask, try blending avocado and honey together. Massage into your scalp, leave for half an hour then wash hair as normal. 

Nail it

Hair and nails really go hand in hand.  Both are made of a fibrous protein called keratin, therefore a lack of protein can result in brittle nails.

What to do…

  • Incorporate the diet tips above – this will also help the condition of your nails
  • Try adding Sulphur to your diet – found in protein rich dairies such as eggs, meat, fish, cheese, nuts and seeds
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – drinking plenty of water will decrease the risk of dry cuticles. Try eating water rich fruit and vegetables, this way you will also gain vitamins at the same time